Advice to Buyers

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make. A Buyer's Agent, role is to find and negotiate the best deal possible for the buyer. (The listing agent's role is to serve the interest of the seller.)

Tips On Finding and purchasing your perfect home:

Get The Right Professional On Board
Often friends and family refer a professional who honestly tries very hard in doing a good job but don't deliver the proper goods. Click here and read key points when interviewing an agent for your next purchase.

Determine your wants and needs

This is the single most important step. By asking a series of in-depth questions, I establish what you are looking for in a home. These questions go beyond the commonly asked ones, such as, "How much do you want to spend?" and "What neighbourhood do you want to live in?"


This shows you how much you can afford. Purchasers often realize they can afford more than they imagined. A quality Buyer Agent will connect you to quality financial professionals who minimize the time spent on this important process. To give you an idea of how much income you need to qualify for a specific mortgage from a lender Click here . Speak to a Professional lender to have it packaged properly.

Know your costs

There are always additional or hidden costs in purchasing a home. Your Buyer Agent should be able to estimate these costs ahead of time, so you're not faced with unpleasant financial surprises at closing. Click here to get  an idea of your monthly costs.

Match dreams with reality

Your Buyer Agent should be able to perform a detailed analysis of properties available to locate those that match your desires.

Offer to purchase

When the right home is found a skillful agent will  prepare an offer to purchase which will best suit your needs.

Negotiate the best price for your new home

It's rare that the buyer is willing to offer exactly what the seller wants. It takes skillful negotiation to close a deal at the best price for the buyer.
The offer is not simply about price. Negotiating the extras you want into the sale, that were not part of the listing, is important. However, if poorly handled, this can break a deal. This can involve negotiating such things as repairs to be paid for or completed before closing, at the seller
"When representing my buyer clients I am committed to providing the highest quality service not only during the purchase of your home, but long after you've settled into it."

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